Kingston Recruitment Local Salary Survey

The recent salary survey (January to June 2016) is showing quite extreme patterns at the moment based on salaries offered to candidates for permanent positions in the region.  Previously, as candidates at the high-end of salary scales of jobs weren’t available, companies were making offers to candidates at the lower end.

This survey however has shown what a big skills and candidate shortage we have in the area at the moment as the salary levels have gone up substantially at offer stage. This is proof that if companies are wanting to attract the right candidates to a job, they’re having to offer an attractive salary to get them.  We think this will continue for a while or for as long as there continues to be a shortage of candidates.

The big benefit of our survey is that it is only based on jobs registered in the Hull, East Yorkshire and North Lincs areas and doesn’t include the likes of Leeds and York which always distort the figures for this region.

Data that has been analysed shows average salaries in the local area have increased by 16.46%.

Salary Trends

The following graphs show the most common salary levels in the various categories we monitor have changed over the past five years